Real Deal October 2018

For this month's Real Deal, Asbury and its sister church Webster Hills helped our kids fashion decorative pumpkins and shared a lesson on the harvest. Here are some exciting photos from this fun event!
Camp Asbury at Samaritan 2018
Our church has experienced yet another exciting Camp Asbury, sponsored in conjunction with Samaritan UMC and Heartland Camps. Please enjoy these scenes from this year's fun-filled and inspirational Camp Asbury!
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The Real Deal Harvest Edition

Scenes from Asbury's 10/28/17 Real Deal Children's Worship Experience
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UMW Women's Awareness Sunday 9/17/17

The United Methodist Women’s (UMW) unit of Asbury held their annual Women’s Awareness worship service on Sunday September 17th. The theme, “A Call to Community”, was based upon the readings/activities from their 2016-2017 program book. This special Sunday serves to call the church’s attention to what United Methodist Women does in the community and around the world while adding to the richness of the worship. Mrs. Sally Holston, a retired educator who has had a very diverse professional career, was the guest speaker. Her message was centered upon 1 John 4:7-12 
Camp Asbury Photos
Our Campers have been really busy this year! Here are a few photos of them partaking in some of the many activities that were offered at the Camp.
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Asbury UMW Spring Bonnet Brunch

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, the Asbury UMW held its Annual Spring Bonnet Brunch. This year's event featured entertainment by singing group The Lofties, pictured here.
On Sunday, May 7, 2017, Asbury's men chose to honor all mothers with a Pre-Mothers' Day Pancake Feed. Breakfast began at 8:30 and was followed by a brief informal worship service. Thank you again to the Asbury UMM for the wonderful tribute to all mothers!

On Mother’s Day the men of Asbury prepared a special program for the women. James E. Cotter, UMM’s president, served as Liturgist. The program began with a special tribute presented by Paul Harper. In honor of the women, the men assembled at the altar of the Church and began distributing Red and White Roses. Frank Martin spoke in the absence of Pastor Ivan C. James III and gave a very inspirational message that was received enthusiastically by everyone present. Church services ended with a prayer and the men invited the women to join them in the annex for lunch which was provided and served by the men. The day ended with a closing prayer and praise for all of the women in attendance. 

Pre-Mothers' Day
Pancake Feed 

Lay Servant Advanced Course
Ann Chase, Lay Pastor of Lewis Memorial UMC and Director of Lay Servant Ministries for Gateway District, recently visited Asbury UMC to facilitate a course in "Transforming Evangelism," one of the Advanced Lay Servant Ministry courses. Participants from Asbury included Frank Martin, Doris Wilson, Grace James, Loretta Thomas, Pat Flernoy, Vicki Blair Completing this course empowers the participants to apply to Charge Conference for appointment as a Certified Lay Servant for their church. Congratulations to everyone who attended!.
"The Real Deal" Easter Celebration
 Each month, Asbury hosts “The Real Deal,” a worship service specifically designed to minister to the young people in our community. A recent “Real Deal” focused on Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “Pastor J” shared a lesson with the participants that Christ died for us and offers forgiveness, even when we forget or betray Him.
Then, it was off to the races as the children engaged in an egg hunt. After the eggs had been found, the children opened them to discover the treasures inside...mostly candy, of course, with a few Bible verses included, that the children took turns reading to the group. Afterward, refreshments were served and the children were offered a book to enjoy later.

Thanks to Paul Harper, Grace James, Pat Flernoy, Vicki Blair, and our partners from Webster Hills UMC for providing such an exciting experience to the children of Asbury!
African-American History Celebration
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  9. Asbury Celebrates African-American History Month
As part of its observance of African-American History month, Asbury held an old-fashioned Camp Meeting service on February 26. Highlights included an especially fierty sermon from Pastor James. After the service, everyone moved into the 
Fellowship Hall for a delicious potluck luncheon. Thanks to everyone for their participation in our celebration of our heritage.!
Lay Servant Basic Class
January 28, 2017
Ann Chase, Lay Pastor of Lewis Memorial UMC and Director of Lay Servant Ministries for Gateway District, recently conducted Basic Lay Servant Ministry Classes at Asbury UMC. Attending the classes and receiving Basic Certification from Asbury were William Garrison, Frank Martin, Doris Wilson, Grace James, and JoAnn Keys. Also in attendance but not pictured was Pat Flernoy and Vicki Young.
Asbury Christmas 2016
December 10, 2016
Santa stopped by Asbury UMC to visit children of the community. Kids were asked to create a craft, which they used to visit the Holiday Shoppe and "purchase" a gift for a parent or loved one. After making their selection, boys and girls then went to visit Santa, who took pictures with each of them and allowed them to choose a gift for themselves. This was an especially big project, but Santa brought plenty of elves from Asbury, Webster Hills and the Masons. Thank you to everyone for making these children's holidays brighter!
Function at the Junction
September 12, 2015
Asbury joined with Webster Hills UMC and Unfailing Love Christian Church to celebrate the end of summer and to thank our community for another successful summer kids' program at our church home. We discussed how the church could intervene to reduce the violence that is decimating our youth and our men, and our local police captain stopped by to offer some thoughts as well.

In addition to an impromptu song from Unfailing Love, God sent a young man by to share an interpretive dance with us. Check out this talented young man!